Let us show you how

Select proposed dates for your event and share with your friends.

Without having to log in, your friends can mark their availability for the proposed dates.

Schedule your event on the date that works for everyone!

Pricing that works for everyone


  • UNLIMITED number of events

  • Import Google Calendar & Contacts

  • Chat messages

  • Include up to 20 guests

  • Save 1 contact group

  • Send reminders


  • UNLIMITED number of events

  • Import Google Calendar & Contacts

  • Chat messages

  • Include UNLIMITED number of guests

  • Save UNLIMITED number of contact groups

  • Send reminders


WhenAvailable is a quick and easy way to find my friend’s availability for both small and large events. It’s super user-friendly and makes identifying the winning date really simple. I recommend WhenAvailable to anyone looking to minimize discussions back and forth and maximize the number of people at the party!

Sonja Guðfinnsdóttir

Reykjavík, Iceland

I used the WhenAvailable platform for many years when I was part of a bookclub. I do not consider myself to be technically savvy, and found the WhenAvailable site easy to use. We had 8 people in our group and it made scheduling our meetings so much easier. Thank you WhenAvailable!

Julie Grabscheid

Mountain View, California

Use Cases

Family Reunion

Time to schedule the summer family reunion and bring everyone together! Get in touch with uncle Webb and cousin Sabby to pick a date before calendars fill up.

Pickup Basketball

Ready to shoot some hoops? Use WhenAvailable to find a time to head outdoors for a match with friends.

Board Meeting

Is it hard to find a date and time when board members can attend a meeting? Find the perfect time with no back-and-forth email hassle.

Book Club

Scheduling a book club meeting can mean a million email chains. Simply survey your book club members to see when they are available.

Weekend BBQ

Get friends together for a weekend BBQ in the park or at your house. Find what day works best without lengthy email chains.

Round of Golf

Meet and play golf with friends. Investing time in what brings you joy is worth it! Quickly find the time that works for everyone with WhenAvailable.